Bathroom cabinet cleaning and maintenance


(1) light release: handling, should be light lift light, do not hard pull hard pull; placed, to put flat steady, if the ground uneven, the mat is real, to prevent damage to the mortise structure

(B) sunscreen: should not be placed in a strong sun exposure, do not put too dry place, to prevent wood dry deformation

(C) clean: clean can be used after the general cleaning agent diluted with a soft cloth and then gently rubbed along the wood grain

(D) water stains: to use a damp cloth covered in the mark, and then use the iron head carefully press the wet cloth several times, marks can disappear

(5) scratches: bathroom cabinet paint abrasions, not touch the lacquer of wood, can be the same cabinet with the same color crayons or pigments in the wound surface of the cabinet to cover the exposed background, and then use the transparent nail polish Thin layer can be coated

(6) often with a soft cloth along the wood texture, for the cabinet to dust, to dust before, should be in the soft cloth dip on the cleaning agent (Bi Lizhu), do not wipe with a dry cloth, so as not to rub the flowers. Bathroom cabinets in a dry environment, the use of artificial humidification measures, such as: regular use of soft cloth water wipe bathroom cabinet

(7) maintenance of the glass table: in use, not to be pointed hard objects scribe, color table with a neutral detergent cleaning

(Eight) wooden table maintenance: in use, do not use hard objects touch and characterization, with a soft cotton cloth and some furniture cleaning agent wipe

(9) the maintenance of the lens: the lens appears when the water stains, with a soft cloth and neutral detergent cleaning