How to buy shower room


First of all, according to the size of the bathroom space to select the appropriate specifications of the product, if the toilet space is too small, you can also specify the specifications with the fan-shaped shower room, or a screen partition.

Second, the selection of style. Aluminum color and bathroom tiles, sanitary ware color coordination with. Style to simple,

Third, the product structure of the stability of security. The thickness of the aluminum is sufficient to examine whether the structural design of the force is reasonable and whether the glass or frame is secure. Whether the chemical composition of aluminum is scientific and reasonable. Its tensile strength, yield strength is up to standard. Chemical properties, physical properties, mechanical performance is up to national standards.

Fourth, the glass must be tempered glass. Tempered glass to 3C certification, its hardness, strength than ordinary glass more than ten times higher.

Fifth, according to their own needs and the bathroom environment, choose hinge or track-style shower room. Both products have their own advantages and disadvantages, hinge more concise, more transparent, so clean but slightly less waterproof, space occupancy. Track shower room is more stable, better water retaining effect, but clean and maintenance complex, more savings toilet space. Hinge hinge to go through 72 hours of salt spray experiment of pure copper hinge, copper hinge corrosion resistance, fatigue, long life, strong load bearing, no aging, no lead, environmental health.

Sixth, choose after-sales service to ensure that the brand.