How to buy steam room


1. To combine the size of the toilet to select the appropriate size of the steam room, professional leisure bathroom brand will provide a variety of steam room, smaller steam room (1 meter by 1 meter) only need to have a bathroom 4 to 5 Square meters. And the installation of a double steam room (1.5 by 1.5 meters) will need about 10 square meters of the bathroom. Room height can not be less than 2.2 meters. Consumers not only in the purchase of attention to the size of the room and height, but also pay attention to the basic decoration before the first measurement and planning.

2. Focus on the computer room of the steam room. At present the computer steam room used by the main plate is acrylic. There are two types of acrylics used in the manufacture of steam rooms. One is pure acrylic sheet, pure acrylic sheet material uniform, hard, in the long-term high temperature and humidity environment can be lasting as new. The other is a composite acrylic sheet, and the composite acrylic sheet is attached to the glass fiber surface layer of thin acrylic sheet. As the two materials, hot and cold shrinkage ratio is different, likely to cause the steam room surface layer of rupture.

In addition, the need to remind consumers that in the purchase may encounter some manufacturers said their computer steam room can be dry steam and wet steam two, from the strict sense that this is impossible. The so-called dry steam can only be called up to dry, because now the domestic computer steam room to use this sub-Ke Li plate can not afford to dry so high temperature. The use of different plates, the price is different, which is the computer steam room price difference between a large reason.

3. Concerned about the steam engine and computer control panel. Steam room is the core of the computer steam room, if the steam machine, however, not how long it will be bad, not as good as no steam room. Good brand generally use imported steam engine, and some even boot immediately produce steam, which is the general general product can not think of.

In addition, the computer control panel is also the core of the computer steam room. As the computer steam room all the keys are in the computer board, and belong to the steam room inside such a high temperature and humidity environment, once the computer board problems, the entire computer steam room can not be enabled.

4. Product function configuration, computer steam room is a set of computer control, shower, massage as one of the personalized, high-end bathroom facilities. By the sauna system, shower system, physical therapy massage system composed of three parts. Conventional shower room features electronic exhaust, manual acupuncture massage bath, rain shower, answer the phone, sterilization, foot massage, and multi-function computer shower room in addition to the above functions, you can also listen to the sauna at the same time Radio broadcast or enjoy the TV program, and not only can answer the phone, you can also call out, making the bath is no longer tedious, but instead become a way to relax and enjoy.

5. Concerned about the quality of the pump, the steam room massage function is achieved by the jet nozzle jet high-speed water flow, while the luxury of the double steam room is more surfing bathtub function, a good pump is the key to achieve these functions, good steam room The pump used lasted for a long time, the water pressure was stable, and the vibration and noise were small.

6. Find out how your home's meter can withstand heavy loads. It is understood that the current computer steam room power more than 3500 watts, the smallest there are 1800 watts, so before deciding to buy the first to find out their own home meter can bear.

7. Focus on after-sales service. As the computer steam room is the bathroom equipment in the technical content and higher prices of products, so manufacturers of after-sales service is particularly important. Recommended consumers in the purchase of steam room when considering the formal manufacturers of products, these manufacturers of products in quality and after-sales service are guaranteed. In addition, the purchase must pay attention to whether the product has the quality of insurance companies underwriting. This is in the installation and maintenance and use of the latter are guaranteed.